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We offer a range of learning & development programs to suit all types of development needs, including professional learning programs and youth learning programs. 

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For Professionals

Meaningful Career Reviews

Traditional performance reviews are not as effective as they once were. Conduct meaningful and successful reviews by taking a coaching-led approach. 

On this learning program, we’ll dig deep into traditional performance reviews vs. coaching, arming you with the tools and frameworks to deliver successful reviews. You’ll have the confidence and know-how to ensure that every meeting results in a journey of personal growth for your team members

2 hrs

For Professionals

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Learn how you can encourage and create a more harmonious workplace by getting under the skin of what it really means to be a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We’ll cover the differences between diversity and inclusion, address the various types of discrimination that we see in the workplace, as well as the tangible actions you can start taking straight away. You’ll also walk a way with a full understanding of privilege, tokenism, psychological safety and more.

2.5 hrs

diverse hands for awareness learning program

Diversity & Inclusion Lunch & Learn

The lunch and learn program on diversity and inclusion will focus on the importance of having meaningful conversations around race, gender, and disability, and the benefits that come with it. The goal of the program is to provide participants with a safe and supportive environment to learn and discuss sensitive topics related to diversity and inclusion.

During the program, we will discuss why it is crucial to have open and honest conversations about these topics, the challenges that may arise, and how to overcome them. We will also explore the impact that these conversations can have on individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

By the end of the program, participants will have a better understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion, the benefits of having meaningful conversations around race, gender, and disability, and practical strategies for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


1hr - 2 hrs

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We also offer a range of HR strategy services to suit all types of business and personal development needs.

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